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How to Create a Photobucket Account
« on: July 21, 2013, 08:34:51 PM »
A guide how to create a Photo Bucket account. This enables you to upload your pictures there and then you can share them on the forum, or anywhere else you may feel you want too. There are many other picture hosts that can be used, yet I use this one in the guide as its one of the longest standing and well known. This is a very basic guide and there are many futures on Photo Bucket that can be used. But this is hopefully just to people going.
1.   Go to and click Sign Up.

2.   Create a Username, password, add your email address, gender, DOB (make this over 18 if you are over 18 of course) then enter the code you see in the Re-type it here box. Now click sign me up!

3.   The next screen you see has the option to Go Pro, this is the pay as you go part of their service and gives you more storage, if you click no thanks, you are then just registering for their free service. You can always use the Go Pro option at a later date if you feel so inclined.

4.   The next screen you see is your album, as you have no pictures uploaded as yet, this is how it will look. You are now able to set options for your account, such as have it as a public (default setting) or private account. You can set the album to private by clicking album options, Privacy, edit.

5.   In this case as an example, I have set my albums to private, next I am going to create a sub album so I can add some pictures to it with a particular theme by clicking Create new album.

6.   The album has a name, description, been set to private and completed by pressing Create Album.

7.   Success. Now to upload pictures, click Upload photos and videos.

8.   I am going to select pictures from my computer to upload in this case.

9.    I have navigated to the picture I require, if you require multiple pictures, press Ctrl and select the images you require to upload. I have selected 8 images to upload in one go, now click save this will upload the images. Upload time for images will depend upon image sizes and the speed of your internet connection.

10.   You will now see your images the folder, by hovering over them, you will see links that you can use to share these pictures with others. I will cover how to post an image from photo bucket to the forum in another topic.

Cheers J

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